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Philosophy and Disciplined Investment Strategies

About the Firm

Michael Hart founded Hemispheres Investment Management with the objective of providing individual and institutional investors with superior long-term investment returns. Hemispheres aims to achieve such investment results by adhering to its well-defined investment philosophy and executing disciplined investment strategies.

Michael Hart, CFA


CEO and Director of International Research

Michael Hart has over 30 years of capital market experience. From 2007 to 2013, he worked as a Managing Director at Tradewinds Global Investors, where he was a global equity and emerging market equity portfolio manager and a global securities analyst. Prior to Tradewinds, Michael founded and operated Hemisphere Asset Management from 2000 to 2007; the Firm managed global equity, fixed income, and balanced accounts for individuals and institutions. From 1989 to 2000, he helped manage the investment portfolios of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies as a Senior Portfolio Manager.

During this institutional tenure, Michael spent eight years working as a portfolio manager of emerging market debt investments and four years as a portfolio manager of international equities. While at Farmers, he helped increase the value of the insurer’s international investments to over $1.1 billion from approximately $50 million; he also received Awards of Merit for generating outstanding returns as a portfolio manager of foreign fixed income and equity investments

Rebecca Holden, CFA


Director of Domestic Research

Rebecca Holden has over 30 years of capital market experience. From 2003 to 2010, Rebecca was Portfolio Manager and Principal at Archer Capital Management in Los Angeles, California, managing domestic equity portfolios for individual clients. Prior to working at Archer, Rebecca was an equity analyst employed by Lehman Brothers in New York City following electric and gas utilities as well as energy companies. Before relocating to NYC, Rebecca was employed as an Intermediate Portfolio Manager for the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies as one of four corporate portfolio managers.

Rebecca was employed with prominent west coast financial institutions prior to employment on the Farmers accounts. Rebecca held positions as a credit analyst, banker structuring both private and publicly held bond issuances and later manager of one of the largest groups at the bank. In addition to the professional designations held, Rebecca has an MBA from Brigham Young University with a double emphasis in Quantitative Analysis and Finance (Investments).

Investment Strategy and Methodology

Hemispheres Investment Management is a value investment manager. The Firm invests in securities and asset classes that it considers undervalued based upon their long-term assessed fundamental and economic value.

Hemispheres identify undervalued securities and asset classes by applying its global, fundamental analysis expertise in evaluating the long-term risks/rewards of prospective investments.