Global Value Equity Update

As we approach the end of the second quarter 2023, Hemispheres provides year-to-date results as of the middle of June 2023 for its Global Equity investment strategy. As of June 15th, the Global Equity composite returned 24.75% (net) versus the MSCI Global Value [Equities] Index benchmark return of .76%! Please note the figures below for a more comprehensive returns perspective.

Annualized Compounded Returns

Although there are still 6.5 performance-months left in 2023, Hemispheres remains optimistic about the rest of the year, given the number of undervalued equities the firm has identified that are currently held in client portfolios.

Michael Hart, CFA

⦁ Past performance is not indicative of future performance.
⦁ Cash was included in calculated the Global Equity portfolio returns.
⦁ The Global Equity benchmark is the MSCI Global Value Index.
⦁ Investing in the Global Equity risk entails substantial risks, including risks associated with investing in emerging markets.
⦁ The Global Equity strategy is not FDIC insured and securities in the Global Equity composite could result in a material loss of value.
⦁ Returns are time-weighted returns and were calculated using Envestnet Tamarac’s PortfolioCenter software.