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Dividends: Their Value in a Stock Portfolio

Introduction Following a year of remarkable performance in global equity markets, the significance of geographic diversity and a heightened focus on dividend-paying stocks is becoming increasingly apparent. While the “Magnificent 7” dominated U.S. index returns in 2023, recent volatility and divergent performance in these names serve as a cautionary signal for U.S. markets. Why Invest […]

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Retirement Planning with Global Equities

Introduction to Retirement Planning Without the defined pension plans that were available in the past, it is more important than ever for Americans to make plans for generating and managing adequate income during retirement so that they do not outlive their savings. For most people, Social Security provides less than needed income, necessitating private savings […]

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Understanding Asset Allocation

Introduction to Asset Allocation The oft cited landmark study “Determinants of Portfolio Performance,” written by Gary Brinson, Brian Singer, and Gilbert Beebower, demonstrated that the asset allocation decision is the most critical element leading to investor success. The article demonstrated that the investor’s selected asset allocation can account for approximately 91.5% of a portfolio’s rate […]

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Decoding Investment Terms: Understanding ETFs, Market Cap, and Index Funds in Global Equities

Introduction to Fundamental Investment Concepts The Importance of Understanding Investment Terminology Literally hundreds of investment terms commonly populate the everyday investment world, which can overwhelm beginning investors. Key to making informed decisions is understanding investment terminology. The following article addresses some basic products such as Global Equities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Market Capitalization, and Index […]

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Investment Opportunities in Gold

Q2 2024 Market Commentary It’s Up-Up and Away! Gold Advancing Golds’ recent ascent to over $2,300 signals a combination of fundamental factors. These include: the anticipation of lower interest rates, continued inflationary pressures and global political turbulence.  Comments by U.S. Federal Reserve officials indicate a desire to cut interest rates at some point this year.  […]

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Building Wealth: Long-term Investment Strategies in Global Equities

Introduction to Long-term Investing Understanding the Long-term Investment Horizon An investment time horizon is simply the amount of time an investor has before they need their money returned to fund a specific goal.  From an IRS perspective, a long-term investment is one that is held for over one year and qualifies for capital gains tax […]

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Exchange Traded Funds or Global Equities: Which is the Right Choice for You?

Objective To provide investors with a comparison between investing in global equities directly and investing through Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Introduction to Investing Strategies Overview of ETFs An ETF is an investment fund that is listed and traded on stock exchanges. An ETF may own investments such as stocks, bonds, cash, or other financial assets. The […]

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Spotlight on Index Funds: Enhancing Global Equities Strategies

Global Equities strategies can be actively managed through the selection of individual securities, passively through index funds, or through a combination of both to gain access to specific markets. This article discusses the concept of index funds. Introduction to Index Funds Key Concepts What Are Index Funds? An Index fund is a pooled investment vehicle […]

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Strategic Diversification and Risk Management in Global Equities Investing

Overview of Global Equities Investment Global Equities are composed of securities from both the United States and international stock markets. Investing in Global Equities as an investment strategy offers risk management benefits and return potential. A Global Equities portfolio differs from an international equities portfolio that only holds stocks from companies outside of the U.S.. […]

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The Role of Market Capitalization in Global Equity Portfolios

Introduction to Market Capitalization Definition of Market Capitalization: Commonly called Market Cap, refers to the market value of a company’s equity. Market Capitalization is the product of the current share price by the number of shares outstanding. Market cap fluctuates with daily price movements in the stock price. The methodology to calculate market cap for […]

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